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197110 Saint-Petersburg ,
14 Levashovsky Prospect,
m. «Chkalovskaya», m. «Petrogradskaya»

Tel.: +7 812 230 67 87
Tel./fax: +7 931 343 82 10


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«Alfavit», St. Petersburg

Hotel “Alfavit”, priced from 2300 rub., flung open its doors to guests in June of 2013 at 14 Levashovsky Prospect in the business district of the city’s Petrograd side, seven minutes’ walking distance from “Chkalovskaya” metro station.

The hotel, lush in greenery and restrained in its classical style, combines the design flourishes of the Silver Age and contemporary touches to create a truly homey atmosphere of coziness, positivity and warmth.

The name of this St. Petersburg hotel has not been chosen by accident, as it has a large book gallery at each floor of the hotel. The guests can not only admire the wide choice of fiction, but also feel themselves as heroes of a novel.

The hotel has 21 rooms.

Hotel awards:

«101Hotels» quality certificate